1st day back

by www.paulatheredhead.deviantart.com

(art credited to www.paulatheredhead.deviantart.com)

Today was great, my first day of school as a 2nd year gymnasie- student :) We were only there for 2 hours, first to listen to the new Principal say a bunch of junk ( which he probably rehearsed for hours infront of the mirror this morning, poor guy looked so nervous.) Later we were directed to our classrooms and recieved our schedules, bus cards, adress lists, etc. Then, we joined the 3rd year students to plan how to best torture tomorrows new arrivals ;) Mostly 94's, but also a few older ones.

This year is going to be great :) I now actually know where to go and what to do, I won't aimlessly run around like a lost cat on a highway like last year. hehe. My schedule looks pretty good, I look forward to art and music. Is it cheating that I signed up for English B? lol mybad. I just hope my classmates are up to speaking english when I'm there. lol, my English teacher will probably end up kicking me out   ;)

Can't wait to get started!

haha lolz true!


haha, true!


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