Putte i Parken

Awesome representation of the beauty of music :D All credit to http://poisongirl-sts.deviantart.com/
(all credit to www.poisongirl-sts.deviantart.com for art)

These past 4 days were absolutely LEGEN ----- WAIT FOR IT----- DARY!!!

I got into the festival for free because I signed up for volunteering. It was awesome, I had so much fun! :) I was assigned to Kill Noise, a company that makes earplugs. I sold those during the day, and got to see whatever shows I wanted in return :) It rocked, my first festival, my first conserts, it was everything I imagined. Yeah, it rained through two days, but so long as I was dancing (yes, kicking and screaming counts as "dancing") I was warm enough to ignore the rain. It was so cool!!

I saw Europe, The Sounds, The Hives, Takida, and a whole lot more. It was the most mazing thing I've ever seen :) Totally doing this next year too.

Btw, no product placement intended, but Kill Noise earplugs really are THE BEST! ^^|


The most epic art I've seen in months :) all credit to www.pinkypinkee.deviantart.com
(all credit for the art goes to www.pinkypee.deviantart.com)


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