Rainy August day

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Alright, school is officially back in action and I feel pretty good about it :) I like feeling like every day has a purpose again ^^ And there are so many friends I'm happy to see again.

I'm actually using my locker more this time too, so that's pretty cool. I'm trying to break away from carrying my bag with me everywhere like last year. Still not entirely sure why I do that, I don't hide my journals in there anymore, so it should feel ok to just leave my bag somewhere, shouldn't it? Anyways, taking it one day at a time ;)

My schedule looks pretty ok, except for having to show up at 8:00 am and can't leave until 3:30 or 4:00 pm every day :P Atleast there are some decent gaps where I can go home if I wanted to.

LOL today I must have annoyed my class half to death, I got that Basshunter song "All I Ever Wanted" stuck in my head. And once it was there, it stayed... ALL DAY!!! hehe when I wasn't singing it, I was dancing it. lol, it drove everyone around me up the wall ;)

Anyways, tomorrow is Friday. That's nice.

Yeah that's all I got for today. hmm bye

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