My Darling Mio

my itteh bitteh kitteh luv ^^

By the window :)

baby on the piano :)


a sepia style picture of me :)

I took an interesting personality test based on art, just click on the picture that appeals to you the most. Somehow I guess your personality affects what pictures you will be drawn to? :) I'll put the link here:

awww, according to this test I'm "Trustworthy and nurturing" ^^ That made my day! :)

:( depressingly impossible

(PHOTO BY depiction of the saddest of scenarious. Credit to cherrykizz at deviantart.

How do you stop someone from committing suicide? Can a persons worth really be summed up in words?
It's depressing to think that there may be NOTHING I can do, and someone could die because of it. The word "useless" comes to mind. :( Obviously it wouldn't be my fault. But the feeling is still there, if only there was something I could do or say...?



Transformers, the Hello Kitty version! >:)

lol, the sad thing is, I'd probably enjoy a HelloKitty version of Transformers more than the original. ^^ hehe
Nice idea anyways!

Three things

Three things I don't understand: the point of sports, math, and what people see in Lady Gaga
Three things that are on my desk: A candle, nailpolish remover, perfume.
Three things I'm doing right now: "blogging", drinking coffee, ignoring Andreas's Donkey Kong game.
Three things I want to do before I die: See Japan, work at Starbucks, get married ^^
Three things I can do: Draw, play piano, write killer reviews ;) *nerd-pride*
Three things I can't do: Draw professionally, drive a motorbike, speak japanese
Three things I like to listen to: The sound of  rain, techno music, and audio books :)
Three things I want to learn: Sing, photography, speak another language.

photo editing fun

my edited photo of myself

I've recently learned to edit photo's, and it is so much fun :)

One day I'll get a camera and truly get into photography and photmanipulation, but until then, my cellphone cam will work ^^ Imagine doing this kind of thing for a living? total awesomeness!


Imagine being able to draw like this. *sigh* so beautiful!
(photo by

Imagine being so talented you could draw someting like this. It's amazing, look at all the little details on the dress, even the flowers floating by the lower part of the picture. Incredible. I envy artists like these ^^

Breathtaking forest

absolutely beautiful. Photo taken by
photo by

Isn't it lovely? It's weird to think that forests like these are real and so close. :)
Some things in life are almost too good to be true aren't they?

Notice the cats :)

For the love of kittens

This was the first thing I drew once i learned to use the computer to make art

SciFi Romance ;)

Stargate SG1's Vala and Daniel: the cutest couple in science fiction history.

Vala Maldoran and Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG1
(photo by

A pointless interrogation ^^

Namn - Angie Sophia Renberg

Piercingar – double pierced ears
Tatueringar - never!
Längd - 157 cm
Skostorlek - 38/39
Hårfärg - dark brown
Är du kär i någon – hihi yes *blush*
Önskar du att du bodde någon annanstans – not right now, but in the future :)
Tänker du på självmord –  no
Tycker andra att du är attraktiv – Not that I know of :P
Dricker du – not yet
Använder du droger – Caffeine is my drug
Röker/Snusar du - never!
Vilket shampoo använder du – the cheapest one I could find
Vilken parfym använder du – a purple one :) smells nice!
Vad är du rädd för – a lot of things
Gillar du att tvätta – laundry? sure.

Din första:
Operation: never
Första piercing: my ears, I was 9  :)
Första priset: ? none that I can rememeber
Första sporten du började med: soccer in the 4th grade :P I was young and stupid, ok?
Första husdjuret: My guineapig Lurvas :)
Första semestern: Springfield, Missouri?
Första konserten: never been to one :(

Just nu:

Äter du: nothing
Dricker du: water with applecider vinegar :P gross, but healthy!
Ska du: Go to bed
Lyssnar du på: Phil Collins "Against All Odds"
Väntar du på: my life to unfold ^^
Tittar du på: StarTrek Voyager (The Borg are attacking!)
Har på du på dig: Black jeans and a longsleeved cotton shirt (black, V-neck)

Din framtid:
Barn: 2 or 3
Giftemål: 1
Karriär: Starbucks Barista!

Har du någonsin:
Tappat bort glasögon/linser: haven't we all?
Brutit ett ben: never
Rymt hemifrån: never
Röntgats: nope
Gråtit när någon dött: Ofcourse :(
Ljugit för någon: Probably :(
Varit i slagsmål: haha, not yet
Blivit arresterad: >:) yeah right

Tror du på:
Gud: yes
Mirakel: No
Aliens: hehe, cool thought ^^
Magi: No
Himlen: Yes
Tomten: No
Änglar: Yes

Film du hyrde: Ferris Buellers Day Off maybe?
Film du köpte: Can't remember
Låten du lyssnade på: something by Basshunter
Låten du hade på hjärnan: The supermario theme song. (That's my brothers fault)
Personen du ringde: Andreas
Program du tittade på: StarTrek Voyager
Person som du tänkte på: hihi *blush* no one in particular ;)


Vad har du gjort idag: Gone for a walk :)
Var det kul: Yeah
Hur tidigt stiger du upp: It depends on the day of week and time of year
Gillar du att slåss: No
Vad ska du göra ikväll: Resist the urge for chocolate :P
Är du seriös: Totally! It's a vicious battle against the delicious calories >:(
Var har du ont: Nowhere
Använder du hårspray: only on special occasions
Kan du stå på händer: I used to when I was a monke.. uh, a kid!
Håkan Hellström eller The Ark: who?
Salt eller socker: depends on my mood and the time of day :P
Gillar du ketchup: Not really
Är du glad nu: Yeah sure :)
Var du glad igår: I think so?
Känner du nån som jobbar på sjukhus: My dad was a paramedic, does that count?
Stockholm är: Awesome :)
Kan du sjunga: Yeah but now my cat is deaf and my neighbors are ready to move out!
Mer värt än guld: coffeeee.... and Hugh Jackmans sweet a... abs! ^^
Spaghetti eller makaroner: Macaroni!!!
Ett land jag helst vill besöka: Japan :)

Wow, those were some pretty pointless questions :P

hehe, that's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back! ;)


I love the reflection of someone walking away in the rain in the eye. Beautiful!
Photo by

It's finally nice and cool outside, so I went for a walk. It was sprinkling when I left the house, but by the time I came home, barely an hour later, I was drenched. hehe. Honestly, I love it. Rain is beautiful, it makes the air feel fresh and clear, it makes allergies a whole lot easier, and it cools you down in the summer. :) Besides that, it's the inspiration behind a ton of great songs! Dead serious, I'm sure you can think of atleast three right now. lol

Little brother

Lord of cucumber drinks ;) hehe
My little brother Markus is coming in September.
He's homeschooling, so he gets to stay here for a few months no problem. I actually love playing teacher, that's why I joined Barn och Fritid.

But I also worry about him coming here, I don't want him to end up with the wrong friends and have him turn out like the average 15 year olds I see in these areas. I want to shelter him from the problems "normal" kids have, I still feel like he's too young to be as angry and depressed as all the other teenagers here.

When he's around, I try harder than usual to be "perfect", do chores, keep up with homework, be obedient, be mature. I want to be the best possible influence.

He thinks I'm strict and mean, which, yeah I guess I can be when he's around. I'm harsh because that's what works, he respects and obeys me. If I let go and let him do whatever, he'd end up a disrespectful screwup, probably drink and smoke and get in trouble. I can't allow that.

Parents call that Tough Love right?
He probably feels like he'll never be good enough for my approval, but it's because I know he has the potential to be better that I'm as strict as I am.

Can you blame me?

World Behind My Wall

Best song ever :)

I love this picture :)

They're telling me it's beautiful
I believe them but will I ever know
The world behind my wall?

The sun will shine like never before
One day I will be ready to go
See the world behind my wall

Trains in the sky

Are traveling through fragments of time
They're taking me to parts of my mind
That no one can find

I'm ready to fall

I'm ready to crawl on my knees to know it all
I'm ready to heal, I'm ready to feel

They're telling me it's beautiful
I believe them but will I ever know
The world behind my wall?

The sun will shine like never before
One day I will be ready to go
See the world behind my wall


There was a poem I wrote a few years back, I thought I'd add it here ^^


Sweet snowflakes fall in silence,

I stand and watch in awe.
Eyes wide, heartbeat slow,
trying to make sense of a
quiet place with a loud mind.
The snow closes in on me,
each tiny droplet finding a place to land.
Its so peaceful when they
touch my skin and melt into tears
from above me, so far away.
The purring soul beside me
closes deep yellow eyes,
as if to tell me he knows.
He feels it too.
The want to smile and let the sky fall.
***Everything will be ok.***

-Angie Sophia Renberg

Dark rose on sheet music :)

Another silly quiz :)

pretty :)

Vilken svordom använder du mest? "Crap"
Vilken tid är din väckarklocka inställd på? 10:00 am (It's summer break!)
Var köper du dina matvaror ifrån? It all depends, sometimes ICA sometimes Coop.
Skulle du hellre ta bilden än vara med på bilden? I take the pictures, the camera hates me.
Om du vann på lotto, vad är det första du skulle köpa? :) A fancy camera or MP3 player, but I'd save the rest for my future travel plans.
Har någon berättat en hemlighet för dig den här veckan? Yeah :(
När var senast någon stötte på dig? What, flirted? :( Like, never. lol
Vad åt du till middag senast? brocolli soup with shredded carrots.
Kan du vissla? yeah, but not through my teeth.
Tittade du på tecknat när du var liten? Of course
Äger du några popband t-shirts? :) Yeah, two Tokio Hotel Tee's
När flög du senast? August 3rd 2008, from Chicago to Arlanda
Pratar du några andra språk? English and Swedish
Har du gråtit offentligt? Yeah, in movie theatres.
Vill du just nu göra några tatueringar eller piercingar? no, scary! lol
Vad har du med dig in på bion? My purse. (And no, I'm not in the mood to list the endless contents of my purse.)
Vad har du för väder? Cold and rainy :) Which is deeply appreciated in July!
Vilket var ditt favoritämne på gymnasiet? Utveckling, Livsvilkor, Och Socialisation :)
När sov du senast på golvet? Does yesterdays nap count?
Vilken är din favorit drink? Coffee
Gillar du din boendesituation? yup :)
Hur många timmar måste du sova för att kunna fungera? 9. Any less than nine and I get violent. lol
Är dina dagar fullbokade och stressiga? not in the summertime ^^
Hamnade du ofta i trubbel för att prata under lektionerna? No, but I do get busted for drawing during class.
Hur gammal blir du nästa födelsedag? sweet 18!!
Tror du på liv på andra planeter? :) That would be really cool.
Vad säger du till dig själv när allt känns svårt? I just go to sleep and hope it feels better when I wake up.
Skulle du någonsin hoppa fallskärm? NO
Tycker du om att krama folk? YYEEESSSS!!! :D
Äger du en digitalkamera? no :(
Vilka kändisar har du blivit jämförd med?  Summer Glau
Stör det dig om någon säger att dom ska ringa men inte gör det? it depends on who it is
Får du dåligt samvete efter du ätit kött? I don't eat meat
Är du mörkrädd? no, I light candles :)
Tre saker du alltid har med dig? wallet, book, eyeliner


OMG I have officially found the prettiest dress on earth :) I would totally wear this to something awesome like my own wedding. ;) hehe
This dress is unbeliveable, as soon as I found this picture I nearly screamed out loud.
Every little detail is beautiful! The color, the length, the sleeve detail, the print, the strapped corsette, it's all too gorgeous to be real :)

It kind of reminds me of Princess Amidala's dress (StarWars refrence, mybad)

The dress!!

Dead serious, this dress is so cool, I'd wear it to my own wedding ^^

Almost one year

The whole family :)

It's almost August.
On August 3rd, it will have been exactly one year since I last saw my mom. Dad and Makus have come to visit when they can, but mom had to stay to take care of the business and the cat while dad and Markus came. We still email all the time, or talk on the phone, but I still miss her.

What exactly do I miss?
Singing as loud as we could in the car.
Long conversations over endless cups of coffee.
Hanging out in Barnes&Nobles.


One day we'll do all those things again.

Just thinking...

;) For those of you who can't see it clearly, I'm holding a very small frog. lol
Where am I going to be in 5 years?
I'll be nearly 23.
I hope to graduate from Gymnasiet in 2 years, then move to Seattle,  get my own apartment, work at some cute cafe, save enough to visit Tokyo, come back and settle down with Prince Charming, get married and live happily ever after :)


How often do people actually do the things they dreamed of?
Who can honestly say they attained all their lifes goals?
I hope to be one of the few who gets to live my dreams and not feel regret.

I'm afraid of getting stuck in this small town after graduation, not having the money or the opportunity to move back to America. :( What if somewhere along the road, I just settle for life here in Sweden?
People joke that I'll change my mind eventually and stay in Sweden for the rest of my life, but how could I?? As much as I love it here, it isn't home. The town in Illinois I used to live in isn't home either, I want to go somewhere new, live my "Happily Ever After" years somewhere I've never lived before. Washington? Colorado? Even Minnesota?
How about Canada? :)
But I'm aiming for Seattle.

Anyways, I'm taking life one day at a time. One day I'll look back on my time here and think "Dang, my life was so easy back then. Nothing but freedom and peace. Good old days!"
I hope I can appreciate these years as much as possible, it almost seems too good to be true sometimes.

Depressing note: if these are the best days of my life, is it all going downhill from here?
Ignorance is bliss, and I prefer to naively belive that it's only going to get better with time :)

My wonderful cat Tippy who lives with my parents in the States still :( I miss him so much!

Dumb (but fun) quiz ^^

Allmänt test 1

Hur bor du:
Brukar du komma i tid: Never
Hur lång är du: Too short (157 cm I think)
Kan du laga mat: Simple vegetarian meals, yeah
Vad jobbar du med/pluggar du: Barn & Fritid (Gymnasiet)
Vad har du på dig just nu: black jeans and a zip up hoodie with black and white cassette tape prints
Har du någon fobi: probably
Hade du en bra kväll igår: Yeah, went for a long walk, that felt good :)
Vilket är ditt senaste inköp: Do groceries count?
Din favoritdryck på morgonen: ***Cofffeeee***
Var fick du dina senaste pengar ifrån: My parents ^^
Har du sovit i din egen säng inatt: Of course
Vad hade du sönder senast: A skirt (I ripped it, now it's knee length, not ankle.)
Vem snackade du med senast: Andreas, my brother
Varm favoritdricka: Coffee
Favoritdricka när du är riktigt törstig: Iced Chai
Alkoholhaltig favoritdricka: Can't say just yet
När gjorde du senast något riktigt dumt: :) Last week, stuttered and blushed at cute cashier guy. hehe
Saknar du någon just nu: Yeah :(
Vad ska man göra för att få dig irriterad: >:) Yeah right that I'll tell you!
Någon jag stör mig på: Too much :(
Intressen: Music, science fiction, books, drawing, walking, singing, hanging out at coffee shops :)
senaste person du kramade: My niece Hanna and our mutual friend Jossan
Senaste person du ringde: Hanna
Senaste person som ringde dig: Elisabeth
Vad drack du senast: Vinegar water :P Yuck. (But it's healthy!)
Vill du ha barn: After I do all the things I want to do first :)
Längtar du till din nästa födelsedag:  Not more than any other day
Har rakat dina ben någon gång: Haha, of course!
Är du sugen på något nu: hihi, yeah.
Hur många koppar kaffe dricker du en vanlig dag: Only 2.                  (maybe 3 on a rough day)
Använder du hudkräm: Does foundation count?
Attraheras du av män med skägg: Eeeww, no!
Micro-pop eller poppa själv: Micro I guess
Brukar du baka: nope
Röstade du i det senaste valet: nope
Är du nöjd med ditt liv som det är nu: yeah sure
Vilken låt lyssnade du senast på: Put Your Hands On My Shoulder by Good Charlotte
Har någon annan sovit i din säng inatt: My cat
Vad tycker du är äckligt: Hotdogs
Har du pengar på mobilen: Never
I absolutely love this picture, my cat Mio by the window looking at the snow (or rather, whatever bird was stupid enough not to go south for the brutal Swedish winter!) Not that I mind, if it were up to me, it would be winter 75% of the year :)

Back to school soon

Less than a month until school starts. I'm slightly nervous, but also looking forward to it :)
(Yeah I know, "Geek!!" ...yeah shut up).   ;)

I recently read an interesting book, ("Being" by Kevin Brooks), about a kid who wakes up during surgery (yeah, ouch!) to find that he has electronics instead of normal organs. His doctors are freaking out, so he He's an orphan, and doesn't know anyone who knows anything about him. So he runs from the government (who seem to be chasing him, thinking he's some kind of weapon or something) and tries to figure out what he is. Robot? Cyborg? Alien? Who knows.
Anyways, it was really cool, except for the ending: you never actually find out what he is or who created him or anything. He just escapes to temporary safety.

SERIOUSLY? I was totally expecting more from the author, but whatever.

Same deal with The Giver by Lois Lowry. Great book, unclear ending.   :P

Ever heard of That site is Nerd heaven ^^ lol. Basically a site where you tell about what books you read and what you did or didn't like about them.  I'm attaching a link to my account below here:

I love punk covers of songs I grew up on, so today I hunted down a list of my so far favorites:

Put Your Hands On My Shoulders --- covered by Good Charlotte
Footloose --- covered by Good Charlotte
My Heart Will Go On --- covered by New Found Glory
Kiss Me --- covered by New Found Glory
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing --- covered by New Found Glory
Seasons In The Sun --- covered by Blink 182
Against All Odds --- covered by The Postal Service (not punk, still awesome)

I know there are a ton more, I just can't think of them right now :P

I had all these goals for the summer (Lose 10 kgs, get tanned, get better at Swedish reading and spelling, improve social skills, blablabla...) and you know what I accomplished?
I didn't do crap.
Oh well. There's always the future, right?

For a first blog entry, I think I covered pretty much.
(Confession: I have no idea why I'm making a blog. hehe. Just wasting time feeding my ego? Sue me.)

Please comment if you have something to say, I love argu..uh, ahem, making pleasant conversation! ^^

-Angie S. Renberg

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