Little brother

Lord of cucumber drinks ;) hehe
My little brother Markus is coming in September.
He's homeschooling, so he gets to stay here for a few months no problem. I actually love playing teacher, that's why I joined Barn och Fritid.

But I also worry about him coming here, I don't want him to end up with the wrong friends and have him turn out like the average 15 year olds I see in these areas. I want to shelter him from the problems "normal" kids have, I still feel like he's too young to be as angry and depressed as all the other teenagers here.

When he's around, I try harder than usual to be "perfect", do chores, keep up with homework, be obedient, be mature. I want to be the best possible influence.

He thinks I'm strict and mean, which, yeah I guess I can be when he's around. I'm harsh because that's what works, he respects and obeys me. If I let go and let him do whatever, he'd end up a disrespectful screwup, probably drink and smoke and get in trouble. I can't allow that.

Parents call that Tough Love right?
He probably feels like he'll never be good enough for my approval, but it's because I know he has the potential to be better that I'm as strict as I am.

Can you blame me?


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