Three things

Three things I don't understand: the point of sports, math, and what people see in Lady Gaga
Three things that are on my desk: A candle, nailpolish remover, perfume.
Three things I'm doing right now: "blogging", drinking coffee, ignoring Andreas's Donkey Kong game.
Three things I want to do before I die: See Japan, work at Starbucks, get married ^^
Three things I can do: Draw, play piano, write killer reviews ;) *nerd-pride*
Three things I can't do: Draw professionally, drive a motorbike, speak japanese
Three things I like to listen to: The sound of  rain, techno music, and audio books :)
Three things I want to learn: Sing, photography, speak another language.

Postat av: nneekers

I've heard you sing... you don't need to learn anything ^^

2010-10-23 @ 19:42:18

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