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:) My little sweetheart Mio and I had fun taking pictures today, he makes a lovely little model ^^ Freshly edited, I proudly present the results for todays "photoshoot". Enjoy!

5 pix

I absolutely love F-Spot Photo Editor, so much fun to do there ^^  I took a million more pictures, but I'll upload those little by little. ;) Nothing new to tell :P Life is uneventful as ever. But never mind, enjoy the uploads ;)

*and no, I don't look like this in real life. ;) But wishful thinking never killed anyone, now did it?

"...rain, rain, go away"

mig sjalv ^^
It's dark and rainy. It's been dark and rainy for too long now. I love rain, but when it never ends, it messes with your mind. I'm tired all the time, but there's only so much you can sleep when there are things you need to get done. *sigh*

I start praktik on Monday. 8 hour shifts starting at 6:30 am, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks total.
I'd so much rather work with teenagers, but there were no openings right now at the schools I called. :P That's life.

Btw, the picture was shopped in F-Spot, I - sadly - don't look anything like this, never have, most likely never will ;) Still, what's the fun of editing a picture if I can't show it off?

Much love to any and all ;)

everything vs. nothing

me in Sept of 2010
It's almost 3 am, so yes, I'm allowed to upload an egocentric picture with no shame. haha
I'm tired but can't sleep. I get so weird when I'm tired. The logical side of my brain shuts down and I get the most random thoughts. I'll be listening to a good song and suddenly go from total bliss to drop dead sadness. haha.
But as soon as the song is over, I've totally forgotten what I was crying about, and 30 seconds later I'm totally ok again. ;) hmmm yeah lack of sleep doesn't work for me. I get so weird.

I found this list of 100 things to draw, and it looked like a fun idea, so I might give it a try. I mean some stuff just sounded pointless (#19, "grey" or #47 "stripes :P seriously?). But others, I can't wait to get started :) (like #52 "deep in thought" or #60 "rejection")

lol I don't know.

Tomorrow is Sunday. :) That means sleeping in, a long walk, hours of music and drawing, maybe a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day? haha. Just a day to chill ^^  Gotta "reload my battery" to last me through the week! haha

Much love to any and all,


clone shot


lol, I can't wait for cloning to be legalized ;D *kidding*

silly questionaire



- Fyra frågor om förhållanden
är du singel? - yes
tror du på kärlek vid första ögonkastet? - not really
hur många har du varit kär i? - haha, google's a number, right? ^^
är du kär just nu? - hihi *blush* not telling you!! ;D

- Tio frågor om dig själv
namn? - Angie Sophia Renberg

när fyller du år? - November

några piercingar? -  both ears, double pierced.
vad har du på dig just nu? - black jeans, black longsleeved top.

vilken årstid är bäst? - winter!!!
hur ser den perfekta morgonen ut för dig? - wake up to my favorite playlist, house smelling like fresh coffee, with my cat purring beside me.
vad tycker du mest om hos dig själv? - :( that question gets more depressing the longer I try to find an answer. haha

- 10 frågor om dina vänner
vem vet allt om dig? -  Elisabeth & Hanna maybe?
vem är den roligaste av dina vänner? -  Julia H maybe?
vem är mest partyprisse? - :P no clue
vem är den du helst har filmkväll med?-   EVERYONE! :D
vem av dina vänner är mest "evil"? - Julia H >:) haha

- 10 Frågor om din familj
vem står dig närmast? - Andreas

har du bra kontakt med båda dina föräldrar? - yes

vem är farligast i din familj? - ME >:)
vem är coolast? - hehe, again! >:) *kidding*
har ni något husdjur? - Tippy (still in the U.S.) and Mio (here with me)
vem har du mest gemensamt med? -  mom
vem står för underhållningen? - Andreas
vem sover du oftast med? -  my cat
roligaste kvällen med familjemedlem? - :) Whole family used to sit around and watch old TV shows from the 70's together. Good old days ^^

10 frågor om idag
vad har du gjort? -  School.

har du varit glad idag? - Yeah sure :)

har du varit ledsen idag? - Only briefly
har du gjort något bra idag? - Played Fia-Med-Knuff XD
har du gjort något dåligt idag?  - biked in the rain ;P
vad har du ätit idag? -  too much
har du duschat idag? - yup
är du trött nu? - nope, full of caffeine :D
vad händer imorrn? - School
går du i skolan? -  Guess three times!
har du varit i skolan idag? - *facepalm*

Hur mår du just nu? - pretty decent
Har du piercat dig? - wasn't this question at the top too?
Är du hungrig nu? - nope

Vad är klockan nu just nu? - 3:52 pm

Vilka sidor på Internet är du inne på just nu? - msn, blogg.se, and deviantart.

Vem ringde dig senast?  Andreas maybe?
Vem ringde du senast? Andreas again :P
Vem sms:a till dig senast?  Janzon
Vem sms:a du till senast? - can't remember, it's been so long :P


Hur länge sen var det du träffa din morsa? - 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 4 days
Hur länge sen var det du träffa din farsa? - April or May?

Gillar du punk? - Sure
Har du sminkat dig idag? - DUH

Lyssnar du på musik just nu? - Yepp :)

Om du lyssnar, vad lyssnar du på?  I'll Fly With You by GiGi D'Agostino
Vilket är ditt favoritband? - So many! maybe Shiny Toy Guns?

Vad gillar du för musik? - Techno/Electronica, emo, some punk, some metal, even some pop.

Har du fler än 4 linnen? -  4 exactly
Har du fler än 3 jeans? - yes
Har du fler än 5 tröjor? - yes

Är du kär just nu? - hihi *blush* maybe? ;)

har du ett förhållande? - nope

är du romantisk? - I think so :)
har du gråtit framför någon du tyckt om någon gång? - No
Vill du vara singel eller ha ett förhållande? - no one wants to be single forever?
Har du varit tillsammans med två samtidigt? - LOL NO!

Hur gamla var dina föräldrar när de blev tillsammans? - mom was 18, dad... no clue :P
Har du någon gång velat ha ditt syskons pojkvän/flickvän? - haha! XD
Skulle du kunna tatuera in din kärleks namn på armen? - :O no, then he'd know I had a crush on him!! lolz

hihi, that was pointless, yet fun ^^

(picture by http://bluemeadow193.deviantart.com/)


(art by http://lilyas.deviantart.com/)
(art by  http://talalshmr.deviantart.com/ )

I know, I know...
No one wants to read complaints and issues. But I need to vent. Sorry.

How old do you have to be before you can honestly say you know yourself? Who can actually say they understand their own minds?

"If you don't like it, change it" right? You can't change everything you are. There's no simple answer to that problem. And what if there never will be? Is it possible to spend your whole life being someone you can't stand, without knowing how to change?

Tomorrow I'll wake up feeling great. I'll go back to feeling like my biggest worry is that my nail polish is chipping. I'll smile and giggle at anything. It always goes back to that.

But right now, that's not the case. Again. As it has been a million times before, and will a million times in the future. The only thing I hate more than this feeling itself, is the knowledge that it will keep resurfacing forever.


(art by http://ladymorgana.deviantart.com/)
(art by http://ladymorgana.deviantart.com/)

Featured art

I found this artist on www.deviantart.com, and thought I'd post a few of the best pictures. Aren't they lovely? I wish I had this kind of skill. It almost seems unreal that anyone could draw so beautifully! Enjoy ^^
(art by  http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/ )
(art by http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/)
(art by http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/)
(art by http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/)
(art by http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/)
(art by http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/)

64% idiotic

uh oh... lol
(art by http://griffsnuff.deviantart.com/)

Took a test that told me I was 64% idiotic. haha. cool ^^

(art by http://xxsweetsacraficexx.deviantart.com/)

Design n junk :)


Imagine getting to design clothes like this for a living :) Fantastic. You know what would be even cooler? If this was actually something people could wear ;)

art class

:) so proud of this piece

I drew this today :) Have to admit I'm pretty proud of this one ^^

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