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me in Sept of 2010
It's almost 3 am, so yes, I'm allowed to upload an egocentric picture with no shame. haha
I'm tired but can't sleep. I get so weird when I'm tired. The logical side of my brain shuts down and I get the most random thoughts. I'll be listening to a good song and suddenly go from total bliss to drop dead sadness. haha.
But as soon as the song is over, I've totally forgotten what I was crying about, and 30 seconds later I'm totally ok again. ;) hmmm yeah lack of sleep doesn't work for me. I get so weird.

I found this list of 100 things to draw, and it looked like a fun idea, so I might give it a try. I mean some stuff just sounded pointless (#19, "grey" or #47 "stripes :P seriously?). But others, I can't wait to get started :) (like #52 "deep in thought" or #60 "rejection")

lol I don't know.

Tomorrow is Sunday. :) That means sleeping in, a long walk, hours of music and drawing, maybe a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day? haha. Just a day to chill ^^  Gotta "reload my battery" to last me through the week! haha

Much love to any and all,


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RE: haha, no, not yet anyways ;O

He´s one of my best friens, which I use as a model ;P

2010-09-23 @ 09:10:01
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