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I absolutely love F-Spot Photo Editor, so much fun to do there ^^  I took a million more pictures, but I'll upload those little by little. ;) Nothing new to tell :P Life is uneventful as ever. But never mind, enjoy the uploads ;)

*and no, I don't look like this in real life. ;) But wishful thinking never killed anyone, now did it?

Postat av: Elisabeth

love your pictures!

we didnt saw inception, we stayed home and whatched avatar instead! (henriks parents have surroundsound and everything, so it felt as we where at the movie!)

hey, I just saw He's just not that into you (first time), you sad you didnt like it? I loved it! cried my eyes out!

2010-09-27 @ 23:55:21
Postat av: Fröken Van

aw, thanx =) your compliments makes me glad^^ Btw, how's your contact with your cousin Hanna? Thought the three of us should meet up someday, maybe watch a Burton-movie or something =P Haven't seen her in a while, she was one of my best friends at Stora Valla, and you seem to be a very nice person =)

2010-09-28 @ 17:47:55
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