Change, say yes.

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Change is good :) I mean seriously, haven't you seen Yes Man? Say yes to new opportunities, saying yes brings rewards ;) hehe. No but in all seriousness, people who welcome change seem happier. I want to be like that, so from now on, I will embrace anything that comes my way. (within reason, ok! Don't come asking me for 20 grand now just 'cuz I'm making an effort to say yes to more XD hehe)

Why spend your life as a caterpillar when given the option to become a butterfly? Metaphorically speaking, of course. (Off topic note - butterflies look really freaky if you ignore their wings :P Scary even.) My point being - don't be afraid of what you aren't used to. So many people bury themselves in a rut of pointless, boring, "safe" lifestyles. But how old are you going to be when you realize that you want more than that?? If you hit 75 and decide that you wish you had taken up hitchhiking, your ship may have sailed. Start planning NOW. Write yourself a bucket list :) (List of things to do before you "kick the bucket" so to speak. It's from a movie - The Bucket List. If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend it.)

Fear holds me back from so much. I know fear is a feature your brain kicks in to protect you, especially when I'm at the edge of a bridge wondering how it would feel to fly ;) hehe. But you have to create the line yourself, where is fear protecting you, and where is fear just holding you back?

Let go of whatever is holding you back from making a change.

"Better safe than sorry" is good advice, but where's your sense of Carpe Diem?

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Postat av: Mikkiz

Ibland är inte alltid en förändring bra... Det kan gå helt fel .. Men jah fattar vad du menar! :)

2011-04-09 @ 13:34:52
Postat av: Carlos

I love it here, and also your words! Thank you for adding my picture here, it is a honor.

Greetings from Brazil!


2011-07-19 @ 23:38:30

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