Sleepless night

It scares me how quickly I can change my mind. It scares me how quickly I can change my mood. It scares me how a decision I make today could affect the rest of my life. I'm silly, childish, ditzy... an easily distracted flake.
One day I wake up feeling like I'm ready to knock the world right off its feet, while the next day, I'm about as ready to take care of myself as a scared 5 year old little girl.
I can't be trusted to affect other lives. I'm barely in control of my own! What do I do?
Go hide from civilization and decisions util I'm a little older, a little more stable?
Who am I, and what do I really want out of life?
Maybe I'm just crazy, but all these thoughts are flying through my head and I can't organize my mind. It's chaos in there! I didn't sleep at all last night, and now that the sun is up and shining (it's a beeaauuuutiful morning!) I still can't sleep. I feel dizzy but not tired. I feel alive but so weird.
I'm sorry I don't make any sense.
Sometimes I just feel like chaos :S

Postat av: storasyster

That's the way life is, and therefore you should listen to us with experience of life. and above all to follow our advice. Love you.

2011-04-18 @ 15:06:10

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