Very catchy song. I highly recommend it to the few who are bored enough to click it ^^
Well, the snow I waited for finally showed up :) Keijo woke me and said "it must have snowed all night! Look outside!" I just kinda smiled and made some kind of happy noise, but since I was barely awake yet it didn't completely register. The sun came up about an hour later, and then I looked outside and was pleasantly suprised :) It's beautiful! Slushy and wet now, yes, but still pretty. Speaking of pretty, we finally bought a full length mirror.
I couldn't stop myself, had to take yet another batch of ego-pose shots! ;) But I'll be nice enough to also add a picture of my darling and our buddy/roomate, possibly another cat picture or two. Here we go!
<---Isn't he handsome? :D
<--- Yep, that's me. Hi there!
<--- Here's our buddy Linus
<--- and here's my gorgeous mom! :D

I'm sick right now, strepthroat or something. So no sledding just yet, but I promise that I am still not too old! I WILL go sledding this winter! :D oki, I'll update soon enough. hhmmmbubbye y'all.

Postat av: julia den allsmäktige!

fan vad snygg du är!

2011-12-14 @ 09:52:50
Postat av: Angie

Awwww, you are!!! <3

2011-12-14 @ 10:25:03

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