"I Walk through the world
with no meaning in my life
My mind is driving me insane
The hurt I’ve kept all years
So much want it to end
Don’t want to live with this pain!
No more suffering will ever
stalk me through the night,
tho’ the memories of you
will still be there.
Always and ever you said,
never ever you meant.
Dealing with love is a hard thing,
don’t imagine anything.
Life sucks and sometimes it’s good,
but always remeber.
Love isn’t as it should."

- L. Andersen, 2010

Isn't it funny how the one's who smile the brightest and laugh the loudest are the ones who end up being the most depressed? Beautiful piece, I didn't write it but I thought it deserved to be shown. 

Jonah may have been a fake, but the feelings he spoke of are real for too many.

Postat av: L

hurrhurr :')

2011-12-14 @ 09:22:05

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