GoVeg propaganda XD

Naawwwww <3 does it get any more precious than this?

Coffee humor

hihi, a coffee flavored caffeine inhalor sounds brilliant ;)

Boredom brings narcissism.

I know it's tacky to upload a bunch of pictures of oneself, but I can't help it ;) Allow me to be childish and silly while I still can! ^^

I really love the gritty, high contrast look. So... modern, maybe? I don't know.
Haha, I just realized with these photos that for some reason I have my head turned to the left in all of them. Even I don't know why I did that. Anyway, yes, my hair is back in black. (Again.) Now let's just hope it fades before my dad comes for a visit next time! ;) hehe.

Much love,

the ego-monster.


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