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As I have a million times before, I am now setting yet another goal. Short term, this means dropping 2 kgs by August 1st. Hopefully I'll do better than that, but I know from personal experience that when I set high goals, I end up mentally labeling it "unattainable". Screw that, I need to get serious!
Long term goal means losing at least 5 kgs, which would put me into a healthy range. But if I manage that, perhaps I'll try to drop another 5 for looks sake? :) haha, fat chance (no pun intended). Right now my biggest focus will be on dropping those first 2 stubborn kgs.

I've set a plan, everything from an excercise agenda to planning my food intake, etc. I even picked up drinking vinegar again. It helped me before, but good grief - it's awful! haha. Oh well, "no pain, no gain" right?

My reward for sticking to the goal will hopefully be the acheived weight loss, although I should probably set another reward as an incentive to continue. I'll think of something  later.

Ok, by posting this for all to see, it's like making a promise to everyone who reads this. I am now officially under obligation to go through with it, stick to the plan, and make the necessary changes in my life. I am motivated, determined, and  ready!!

Wish me the best on this endeavor! ;)


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