Growing Up

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Life isn't always easy. It didn't come with a handbook, so we have to make just about every decision on our own, whether we're equipped to or not. Kids growing up, for example. Some are in the biggest hurry you'll ever see to grow up and get a life. This terrifies some parents. I can't blame them. Change is scary sometimes. "Theoretical example" here: teenage daughter meets man of her dreams, parents think end of the world has arrived. Sort of.

Nobody in this scenario is "the good guy". Nobody is "the bad guy". You can see the picture from both sides can't you? What would you tell her?

"Kid, good for you, but don't burn your bridges, you still need your parents."

What would you tell the parents?

"You have every right to be upset but chill, she needs to take some steps on her own. I know you mean well, but you can't decide everything in her life. She's an adult now. Be supportive without being controlling."

And eventually when everything has cooled off, maybe they can all live happily ever after.



Postat av: K

The things you say is true, parants can be protective and still let there children make some of the choices for them selves. it's important to tell your kids whats wrong and not but it's just as important to let them become independent humans and let them lern from there own mistakes.

2011-03-07 @ 21:21:55
Postat av: Nneka Russell

wow... this is a pretty touchy subject with most parents, not because they are control freaks, but because most parents truly love their children and want whats best for them.

however.... whats best for them, is for them to make their own decisions. otherwise they will never really learn how. I know that most parents want you to learn from their mistakes, but most of the time, that doesn't work. People need to make choices to feel alive. otherwise we are just robots. Robots don't have a say in what they are forced to do. And if robots had feelings... I'm sure they would feel very sad about that (lol i sound crazy, don't I!?)

my 2 new phrases to use when I feel like my world is falling apart:

"keep calm and carry on"

"I create my own reality"

xoxoxoxoxo LOVE YOU KITTY!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

2011-03-11 @ 00:02:57
Postat av: Malin

=) Vad fint du skriver. Det är så sant från båda hållen. Det är klart att du ska kunna leva ditt eget liv och ta egna beslut om vad som är bäst för dig. Föräldrar är bra att ha och de finns där för att ge vägledning och lära, men sen kommer tiden då man måste få flyga ut ur boet och upptäcka världen på egen hand.

Kram <3

2011-03-13 @ 15:22:43
Postat av: Malin

=) Tack för att du kikade in hos mig. Ja tiden har flugit förbi och magen växer väldigt mycket. Kan känna bebisen sparka en massa. Snart ska du se att du och min lillebror får vara barnvakt ;)


2011-03-14 @ 11:34:03

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