Rest in peace, love.

Yesterday my beloved little kitty died.

At 8:00 pm last night, my brother found him laying on the bathroom floor meowing loudly. Mio was trying to stand up properly, but he couldn't. His back legs were completely paralyzed. Poor little guy couldn't control himself, had an accident on the floor. Still panicked and obviously in pain, he tried to drag himself around by his front paws. He somehow crawled down to the basement and stayed there for about an hour, crying loud enough to make me cry.

I called every vet in the area, but everyone told me that he needs to be put down. The only guy willing to come put the cat to sleep at home said it would cost me ca 6000 SEK just for him to drive out. He said my only other option was to call anyone who owned a shotgun. If I had access to a shotgun, I would have gladly payed the 6000 SEK just so I could shoot the guy myself. Totally worth it.

I hung up and called  someone who could pick up Mio and... yeah. You know.

Mio heard me yelling on the phone, so he crawled up the stairs (with his back legs dragging up the stairs behind him) and pulled himself up onto the couch. Andreas brought the plastic bin Mio used to love, and put Mio inside it. We gave him beer to calm him down. (I'm going to make a great parent one day. haha). As upset as I was, I could still laugh at the look on his face when he licked up the beer.  Andreas talked to the cat, turned him over when he didn't want to sit in the same position anymore.  For the most part I just sat and cried. I eventually brought a sponge with chlorine on it for Mio to breathe (more epic parenting skills ftw). He always loved to roll on the floor right after I cleaned it with chlorine. Then he'd purr and rub his head against the wall, or a shoe, or whatever else he fell in love with after the fumes kicked in. haha. Hilarious.

Beer and chlorine were a nice combination. He finally relaxed and even tried to purr a bit towards the end. At 10:30 pm, "that guy who knows a guy" came to pick up Mio. I carried the half unconscious bundle up the stairs to the front door, squeezed his warm little body one last time, and handed him off to Andreas.


Rest in peace Mio ♥ I miss you so much it hurts already. I really wasn't ready for you to die, you weren't supposed to leave me so quickly. When I cried, I needed you to curl up beside me and purr like you always used to, but this time you just weren't there. Good bye sweetie. I love you.

Postat av: Nneka

Wow... even though its happened many times before, it never gets easier. I know that from experiencing the loss of several pets. Heck, I even get upset when my fish die! Let me know if I can help :) Love you


2011-05-19 @ 20:38:28
Postat av: Mickiz

R.i.p mio !

I love your blog!! :)

Skriv oftare :D

2011-05-22 @ 13:40:47

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