Serious, sickening, and stupid.

Shame and disgust are emotions we feel to signal that we have done something wrong and need to make a correction. But what happens when you feel so shameful and disgusted that it drains you of the energy you could have used to do something about it? 

It's actually kind of funny that food can have such a ridiculous impact on your mental state. It's hilarious how one stupid binge can cause days or weeks of self loathing and misery. It's amusing how sadness about ones size or weight can cause even more comfort eating.
It's amazing how I never seem to learn from my mistakes.
Will I ever actually reach my goals? Will I ever actually look at the scale and feel complete?

I found The "reasons" posted inspired and motivated me, but also reminded me of what I am, and all the goals I've failed at. True, this rant probably isn't one that I should publish for everyone to see, but just like my past goals - it's easier to make a change when I know others are watching. By humilliating myself here, I'm forced to make a change to redeem myself.
Insane? Absolutely. Sue me.
Ok, I'll shut up now. Here are a few motivational quotes from 999reasons, enjoy!


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