cabbage soup

Since school started again in the fall, I haven't really had the time or the energy to diet like I did in the summer, but I think it's time to start tackling the last 5 kgs now. Today I started the cabbage soup diet, it will only last a week but I'm doing that as a kickstart until I figure out a new plan. The weather is finally showing a little mercy, I'll be able to get out and powerwalk again which will make a huge difference. Counting calories showed the biggest results for me last summer, but I can't count calories on school food, and it's not normal in Sweden to bring your own lunch to school like it is in the states. Besides that, when I was counting calories, I was tired and upset all the time, there's no way I can deal with the last few months of school feeling like a PMS monster! xD
Here are the rules:

Day One:

Unlimited soup, as much fruit as I want (except bananas).

Day Two:

Unlimited soup, as many vegetables as I want (no beans, peas, or corn).

Day Three:

Combine day 1 & 2: unlimited soup, as many fruits and vegetables as I want, still no bananas, beans, peas, or corn.

Day Four:

Unlimited soup, up to 8 bananas, and as much skim milk as I want.

Day Five:

Unlimited soup, 500 g. quorn (meat substitute), and up to 6 fresh tomatoes.

Day Six:

Unlimited soup, along with as much quorn and vegetables as I want. Important: drink at least 1 liter of water today to flush out the toxins!

Day Seven:

Unlimited soup, brown rice, and vegetables.


Supposedly the average person loses ca 5 kgs per week on this, but about 2 kgs are water weight, so my diet journey won't be over after only a week. I recently got ahold of a stationary bike, I'm going to try to use it as often as possible. Let's see how this goes! ^^

Wish me the best!



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