On the other hand. . .

Ok, maybe my last entry was exaggerated and stupid. Rage ranting isn't my strong side, and I think I need to correct myself.

My mom once told me that if it feels like everything is coming at me at once, I'm probably in the wrong lane. I can apply that to my current issue - if everyone feels like I'm trying to change something that really doesn't need improvement, maybe they're right? Instead of trying to become a different person, why not just focus on strengthening the aspects of my life that I'm already decently proud of?
You know the whole SOPA Act issue that's all the rage right now? I've been told that's just another distraction to get worked up about so people ignore bigger issues like healthcare and poverty etc. Brilliant tactic, really. Am I doing that to myself? Over-reacting and going nuts over something that really isn't as important as other thoughts and feelings that I harbor?

I have a feeling that I need to dig deeper. Figure out what I'm distracting myself from. Either that or I'm just crazy ;) hehe
Anyway, enough with the serious junk! Now - pictures!! :D

This picture is now the wallpaper on my cellphone ^^ 14 months together and I still get butterflies! ;)

Zid being snuggly as always!

Andreas's kitten who after ca 5 months still doesn't have a real name xD

ego pic!


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