Well, now my last summer break is here. I finally have a couple months to fully focus on losing those last few kgs, although so far, I'm not exactly doing it very efficiently xD hehe, sue me. 
Oh well.  But it sure is nice that the weather is finally allowing me to get out more, there's nothing worse than trying to powerwalk in the winter - waddling across the ice like a retarded penguin! ^^

No more of that now! Atleast for another half year ;) 

I have noticed on the other hand that I'm happy with how I look from the side. That's all well and good for me. But looking at me facing forward, I still look too. . . wide xD Not for long! I'm going to beat this, once and for all! *tagga!*


Yesterday was amazing, so much fun! :D I can't believe it, I'm finally here - the real world after graduation! xD
I've said goodbye to my friends and teachers, I'll miss them all terribly. But we have a lot of great memories, and hopefully we'll have a class reunion eventually. 

After the actual graduation ceremony, we all got on the back of a truck equipped with the biggest, loudest speakers we could get ahold of. We drank our champagne and danced while the truck drove through Degerfors. It was a fantastic feeling, I wish I could go back and do it all again! ^^

When I got home, my in-laws were all there to celebrate with cake and goodies, that was so nice! :) I just wish I had taken it a bit easier with the champagne on the truck ride, I'm pretty sure I embarrassed myself pretty bad in front of Keijos family xD Oh well, life goes on!

online photo album

I just realized this is no longer a blog, it's become more or less an online photo album for all my crappy blurry phonecam pictures! xD Oh well, here I go again:

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