Well, now my last summer break is here. I finally have a couple months to fully focus on losing those last few kgs, although so far, I'm not exactly doing it very efficiently xD hehe, sue me. 
Oh well.  But it sure is nice that the weather is finally allowing me to get out more, there's nothing worse than trying to powerwalk in the winter - waddling across the ice like a retarded penguin! ^^

No more of that now! Atleast for another half year ;) 

I have noticed on the other hand that I'm happy with how I look from the side. That's all well and good for me. But looking at me facing forward, I still look too. . . wide xD Not for long! I'm going to beat this, once and for all! *tagga!*

Postat av: Sofia - Mamma till Wilbur ♥

Tack :) Men kläder kan luras. ;) Jag är bara 163cm så jag är sällan "en bra bit" längre än någon. ;) haha. I mitt fall ser jag nästan smalast ut framifrån, från sidan ser man min lilla after-pregnancy-kula. :) haha

2012-06-24 @ 18:15:24

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