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I'm trying something new in my effort to become more balanced, and so I'll be less difficult to deal with (both for myself and those around me). It feels good to know that things will finally change, and that soon I won't be a mental rollercoaster anymore - I'm only a few months away from achieving stabillity in my life.
For many, what defines who I am is my "up and down" personality. Who will I be when "up and down" isn't me anymore? Hopefully a more focused, calm, genuinely happy version of who I am now. :) I really love this picture below, I like the idea of "jumping out of my current bowl and into new waters". ^^

Postat av: Elliotts mamma

Håller tummarna för att vi ska kunna ta den enorma lägenheten. Det skulle va toppen. Då kan man bo där tills det är läge att skaffa hus istället. :-) Det som fattas är ju jobb och körkort.

2012-05-10 @ 17:59:19

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